Pop-up project CCA (Project9)



Hands showing the history of the CCA

Everyone understands history in different way and for each individual means CCA something. Around the world there is too much “CCA” and we can’t be sure what is it. There are no any explanations but we are pretty sure what is it for us. Over the time a lot have been happening in CCA and luckily this space is so open where everyone can find something, from good food to great events. By the time the space is changing and we all forgetting what happened sometimes even last night, but only architecture is still almost same over the years.

CCA is not just one building but it is a complex of interesting architecture where people can meet and see what is going on. CCA archive has a lot inside and it will be challenge for all of us to find the most valuable information and events what happened at Cca, especially for those who are not from Scotland. We live in the modern age where we can get information so easily from the Internet but are still valuable?

Mapping project gives to us opportunity to express the “timeline” architecturally, ideologically and hopefully it will be great place to visualize. There is no any limit. Only limit is our mind. We are creating the space and all visitors making the atmosphere.


To show “story” of the CCA

Destruct space and interaction

ANIMATION   - it will be starting point for a “tunnel of the story” and “back to the reality” starting and ending point of the storyline. Using architecture of the elevator it does not to be just lines but we can use panels. (Easier to make)

                        End of the animation will be  “backwards” of the begging. “Crossfading” of the hand part and animations

HANDS            - destroy the animation, moving the storyline and showing what is the under and it will moves the storyline with the abstract of the archive videos.  (There are not so much videos of the architecture and buildings) so pre-recorded hands will show not just “subtitles”, “dates” but also “erasing tweets”

ARCHIVE        - videos, because we can’t use sound, lets use video and destruct video and hands will showing “subtitles and connection between the audio and video”. Basically there are “just” 20 videos what we have gone through so if we find interesting story “graphic still picture” Tuesday we can use it as well.

TWEETS         - showing current mood at the space and we could interact with the “real time hands” and “erase” the tweet. 


Thinking about culture means for me considering very wide topic. The abstract and almost poetic term “culture” could cover almost everything from art to ecology. Words and language are abstract itself and they have the power to carry culture within themselves. Even though two people who speak different language know what e. g. bread means, it would always mean something different for them.

From the beginning the group project was quite challenging not only for me but also for the whole group.  I suppose that my idea was good enough but to create and to think about the ideas behind was quite difficult and not only for me. I assume the problem was that I am not a team leader who would want to coordinate people, but I also consider a group discussion important. Unfortunately, I still do not know where the biggest problem was, but the opportunity to talk about the project with Lukas helped me a lot.

I suppose, I should be more confident in what exactly I want and do not be submissive to everything and everyone, because if someone does not want to cooperate with me I don’t want to force anyone and I rather finish the work by myself.

I assume, I have to learn how to talk to people (it doesn’t matter in which language) to explain them what exactly I want and I have to improve my presentation skills because then I could more specifically express my ideas. However, I think it was not the only problem in our group. I think the biggest problem that we are not a group of four but a group of two, one helper and one ignorant. I understand that everyone has different level of skills so after the induction at CCA Archive we sat together and I was talking about my idea again and what is needed. I thought we could work on the archive research with Elisabeth and I could teach her how to use Premiere. Peter wanted to do design lift panels for the projection and Lukas processing. I thought it would be perfect but it was not. Peter never did the animation and did not help us. Elisabeth at least tried to help me with the archive and sent me some videos with time. 

Honestly, I think I did everything I could even though it was not perfect. The biggest disappointment came when Lukas created animation for the lift but we got only less than a half of the elevator space so we had change the idea a bit but we still kept the idea of hands, quotes, hands, videos, hands. In the end we decided to split the work between four of us: Hands, Videos, Documentation – me; Archive – me, Elisabeth; AfterEffect, Processing, Documentation – Lukas; Peter – Documentation and Life Performance

It was a wonderful and useful experience because it was the first time when I showed something in public but more importantly I could work in a team that was not working as I thought it would be. In the past, I worked in teams that were willing to develop the idea more deeply and who wanted to discuss technical or creative problems, but also problems in the group. I think I learnt how to surpass obstacles in communication within the group, I found out that it is important to be more pedant as a team leader and be more honest to people who doesn’t want to work when I asked them to.

----------->SENSORS<------------ (Project8)

Touch me

My initial idea was design an object that would be filled by playful water – I Knew I would like to create something with water because water is fundamental element on the earth and it is cure for most of us. Drink enough water you want have cellulite – drink soda – you know what comes. Over the times water has been changing a lot not just because the whole world is changing so fast but we destroying something what is pure and clean into a dirty unhealthy liquid. “Do not drink a tap water because it’s a full of hormones “.

Water is all over us and inside of us – we became from water. It is fascinating what the water could do from catastrophic scenes to healing. In the beginning I was thinking what I would like to create, musical dress, interactive painting or interactive water. Water interested me most because water and electric is something what is completely unlike. However; it fascinated me that much that I had to develop the dig more.

To be honest, I just knew I would like to create nice looking object filled by water that would be interactive. No too much deep thought behind. Just experiment. Although, I assumed it wouldn’t be enough just create something what is meaningless but I was still developing my idea and experimenting even though I was so doubtful. Luckily, the last weekend before the deadline I went to the studio and I found a mannequins leg and finally I knew I need them. No more doubts, puzzles was just done.

When I saw the leg in a trash it was weird because this legs suppose to be perfect, not so think or no cellulite or whatever but someone just throw them, apparently perfect stuff could be useless too. The whole process of developing my idea was so intensive. Especially, when I was cutting the top of the legs apart I felt really, really awkward of raping silent plastic leg because I sat on them on I assume even this act could a performance as itself. (And it wasn’t so long when the Irish girl was murdered so it was more intensive than I expected)

Than I realized I’m having “perfect legs” which is not perfect anymore. Most of my bad experience from bars and or just thinking about the dating itself, which I always appreciate more what is inside rather than what, is outside. And it makes sense, when we are healthy (mentally, physically) we are attractive. Water helps us to be healthy… So I decided if you want to touch this “perfect legs” you have to know them before you touch them from outside.

If I would have more time I would develop the sound better and more carefully.  Especially the sound so if you touch and play the water inside for more than 2 minutes than you would get nice sound from outside.  So first time when you touch the object from outside it would make noisy unpleasant sound, two minutes inside – sound and light and than you can play with the object from outside again.

(The legs are gold because the first impression when I came to Glasgow or lets say Scotland in general I was really surprised how many girls wearing a lot mascara and dress in very specific way. I never saw this before anywhere. So I thought the girls from here would like to be gold from outside as well… so I give to my Scottish gold legs the same.)



Over the past month I was working on the developing what processing offers and how far I would be able go. Literally, I had no idea what to do in the beginning, however, step by step I was more and sure what I would like to do. I was not easy to start working on something which I honestly had no any clue. 


First week, we started very slowly and basically we did not nothing. We just suppose start working on our project but main question was "how"?
So, decided little research wouldn't be step back so I went to the school library to find some books which I found out like the best what I could do. I knew I would like to build something which is not typical sensor like push or turn button get value, etc. 

The books are really interesting because I could get idea what I would be able built and what others already created. To make an interactive sensor - arduino, processing with kinect and finally to makerbot. Amazing thing but I havent had experiment with kinect.

I had two initial ideas - water sensor or musical dress. 

Second week

The whole week we were learning how to use arduino and how to connect it to processing. Over the whole week we played and learnt different sensors with different sketches. There was a lot going on and the whole idea became more understandle however; my worries how to use processing was still there. Luckily, Roy helped me a lot explained me basics what is going on. Even I borrowed books how to start with the processing it still I don't know to use it how I really want and it makes me crazy!! 


On monday mornig we had group where we suppose to present our final idea. WATER SENSOR WON. But it suppose to made me happy but more problems appeared because build the thing is more complicated than I even though. I liked the video and tutorial from the disney research, however; I dont have enough parts to build it. I experiment a lot with the arduino and processing because I wanted to learn what to do and finally I starting to understand basics of processing which makes me happy. 

I got different values from boil full of water but its quite difficult to coordinate numbers so on friday I just order all the parts for the water sensor (which was really expensive) but im not losing my mind and I will build my object full of water

Mannequin LEG 

this was the best consequence what could happen to me because I went to the studio work on the my water object and I was just thinking what to do. I was really stressed out how the whole project turns out and suddenly I saw mannequin leg in a trash and I knew I need them for my project. It quite changed my whole idea of the project but I dont mind. I have to accept everything what comes to me. 



So this is final week of the project but I still havent built the sensor and not evertyhing is working how it suppose to work which is bad. 


I wont disney's sensor because I wouldnt get any numbers and the whole thing is not useful anymore. Hm, I couldnt get number to Processing. It took me three hours to found out how to do it. Paul told me I would be able to find out everything by myself and my idea is bad but I wouldnt have time to make something new... I see...

In the night I finally get Arduino communicate with Processing and PURE DATA which is the best thing what could happens.


Work with puredata is often quite fun but I still have to work more to be better. Whole wednesday I was trying to get four different values from the processing row in PD. 

Spending time with technology is real challenge. 

First of all, everything is basically on the Internet and there is a lot of useful information

Second of all, if I wouldn't spent that much time searching for something and I would use my brain earlier I could solve this problem in an hour. Although, I took more than I expected I still felt like a hero because I made the whole thing by myself without any help!


One day left for the presentation and one day for working in PD and make the sound how I want it. I wish I would have one or two more weeks for this project because now, I am getting into and now I would be able to solve this whole puzzle.